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Lost Manly

Linen Cushion cover Northern Beaches Indigenous Art

Linen Cushion cover Northern Beaches Indigenous Art

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 Celebrate the union of tradition and contemporary design with our Northern Beaches vintage and indigenous art printed linen cushion covers and bring a piece of local legacy and artistic splendour into your home today. 

We’re launching our unique range of meticulously curated Northern Beaches art, to bring a slice of history and heritage into your living spaces. Our inspired new cushion cover collection is a splendid ensemble of Northern Beaches vintage and indigenous artwork, double-sided with a curated collection of original art printed onto both sides of a pure linen cushion covers available in three standard European sizes 65cm, 55cm and 45cm.

Elevate Your Space with Unique Linen Cushion Covers

Dive deep into Northern Beaches' rich history with exclusive artworks that narrate tales of yesteryears. Discover a blend of vintage charm and modern elegance with our double-sided printed linen cushion covers. From the bustling Manly Corso of 1965 to the artistic rendition of the SS Dee Why ferry by Phil Belbin, every piece resonates with nostalgia. Relive the beauty of the "Kanangra" ferry from 1912, get enchanted by the 'Seven Miles from Sydney' poster of the 1940s, or bask in the indigenous artistry of Kim Cameron's evocative dot paintings.

The plush cushion cover, woven from the finest linen, boasts an exquisite Northern Beaches Vintage design, turning any room into a stylish haven. Every cushion cover in this collection is a canvas of creativity, showcasing double-sided prints of vintage and indigenous art. Among the standout pieces in the collection are "3 Whales at Long Reef" and "Australian Natives," which beautifully capture the essence of local flora and fauna. The former is a mesmerising depiction of majestic whales in their natural habitat, captured from Long Reef Headland during their annual migration, while the latter is a vibrant celebration of Australian Native flora and fauna found on our Northern Beaches of Sydney including Waratahs, Kookaburras and fish. These artworks are not just visual treats but stories woven into fabric, waiting to add warmth and character to your space.

Key Features:

  • Premium Linen Cotton: 80g - 200gsm for a luxurious feel
  • Double-sided prints for versatile décor
  • Neat Concealed Zipper ensures seamless aesthetics
  • Note: Cushion insert not included

Expert Tip: Choose a larger size for a fuller, plusher appearance that stands the test of time, especially as cushion inserts naturally compress over time.

Indulge in a piece of history and art and let your living space tell captivating stories with every glance.

Crafted to perfection, our linen cushion covers are available in standard European/Australian sizes of 65cm, 55cm and 45cm, ensuring they fit seamlessly into any interior setting. Furthermore, we offer stunning aboriginal art pieces, celebrating the rich cultural heritage on the Northern Beaches painted by a local indigenous artist and lifelong friend.

Buy more and save, and now until sold out, we’ll include a 2024 Lost Manly Calendar with every order. 

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