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Vintage Poster Manly By the Sea in 1924

Vintage Poster Manly By the Sea in 1924

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Manly By the Sea 1924     In size A2/ A3/ A4

By the early 19th century Manly was beginning to be a prominent seaside destination for Sydneysiders and tourists, modelled on popular British resorts such as Brighton. And by the 1920s the popularity of outdoor leisure activities and the decrease in laws forbidding daylight bathing increased Australian society's interaction with the beach.
Sea air, bathing and beach recreation were associated with health and well-being, and people were increasingly encouraged to spend time outdoors at the beach. The rise of surf lifesaving also contributed to Australian beach culture, with Manly holding its first surf carnival in 1912 and attracting a crowd of 20,000 people.
The cover of 'Manly by the Sea' features a sentimental illustration of Manly's beach and promenade, with St Patrick's College and the well-known pine trees. This prize-winning song was very successful in Australia, with the Manly Daily Printery issuing 30,000 copies. On the booklet's inside cover and back pages are portraits of the musical composer and lyricist. It was sung by Charles Larsen at the competition event.
'Manly by the Sea' demonstrates how Australian beach culture was romanticised in the early 20th century. Manly was an attractive seaside destination, a social place where people could bathe, walk, and attend dances and theatre shows.

Music was an integral part of people's social life in the home and at public events such as balls, recitals, taverns, concerts and theatres. By the mid-19th century many middle class families owned a piano and played popular songs including waltzes, quadrilles, gallops, polkas and mazurkas.
Manly by the Sea
Song Composer Nicholas Robins
Date: 1924 
Illustration by Vera E Campbell
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