About Us

Lost Manly and the Northern Beaches came about when my 35 years of family history research brought me back to Manly.  After ten years living in Norway, I was back home in Manly graduating from my Masters in Social Science Degree, when I discovered Land Titles proving my great grandparents on my mother and father's side of my family tree, had owned property in Manly and Harbord. 

This shifted my perspective on my family history research, which til now, had mostly consisted of tracings back to Europe and Scandinavia. I was surprised and delighted to find that I was indeed a fourth generation Manly girl and while I am not longer there, with a longing to return, its true what they say, "You can take the girl out of the Northern Beaches but you'll never take the Northern Beaches out of the girl".

Two years, after this revelation, I started LOST MANLY as a place to store my research and as it were, share with others. The first 24 hours received 224 membership requests, and by close of 2021 we will reach 26,000 members.

After eight years of lots of hard work and dedication to the group, I saw a market for printing old photos for the group members and turning them into posters, calendars, postcards and garments. And as such came the creation of #LOSTMANLYSHOP.

The Lost Manly Shop offers a range of Apparel and merchandise connected my Lost Manly and the Northern Beaches group where I can post my creations and provide an online shop for members to purchase Lost Manly photos in various print formats from posters and calendars, right through to logo designed clothing, sourcing the best quality garments I can find, using skilled printers to fulfil these orders in a timely fashion.  Its very much a community based labour of love, and its nice to finally enjoy the fruits of my labour after eight years of running Lost Manly and the Northern Beaches without any financial compensation.  

The product for sale have been carefully researched and chosen based on their reputation for quality and efficiency in delivery, but not everything is within my control, so there will be times when something goes amiss and in that case I want you to contact me so that we can resolve it. I have always been of the ethos that 'the customer is always right', despite it not being a very popular opinion in this day and age, as a business owner one quickly discovers that if your customers are not happy they will go elsewhere and nobody goes into business to lose customers, so wisdom decides that the customer IS always right! 

What this means for you, my treasured customer, is that I will always reach an amicable outcome with you. You have my personal guarantee.

Thanks for your custom,

Lost Manly Lisa