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About Us

The Lost Manly Shop was born out of a personal passion of mine for local history and nostalgia which I hope to share with others. I've been an avid history lover as far back as I can remember, and have kept this love alive throughout my entire life, so it made complete sense to start up a local history site for Manly and the Northern Beaches when there wasn't much around. back in 2013.

The Lost Manly Shop offers a range of Apparel and merchandise connected to Lost Manly & the Northern Beaches local history group. We would like to be a one stop shop for all things local to the Northern Beaches Heritage and History and are continually on the lookout for quality ideas and products for you can enjoy.

We try to ensure consistency and quality by conducting a thorough Due-Diligence search on products before we choose them as we seek to ensure our clients are provided with the widest choice of the best available offerings at competitive prices. Where a client specifies a requirement which is not shown on our site, we will conduct a search for the purpose of meeting that requirement and will design a logo at no extra cost.