Inspired by conversations among the members of Lost Manly, my latest WIP NORTHERN BEACHES BORN & BRED is a reflection of how many of us feel lucky to be born and raised on the Northern Beaches.

Despite our absence, many of us still hold it dear to our hearts, which can never be taken from us, no matter, how far or wide we roam. As they say, ‘you can take the girl out of the Northern Beaches, but you can never take the Northern Beaches out of the girl!’ This design is for you!

It’s nothing new, as Peter Allan sang, ‘no matter how far or how wide I roam’, I still call Australia home’. I just took it one step further, making it personal, for all of us born and raised in Paradise. The older I get, the greater it is! 😂👍🏼😄🙋🏼‍♀️😜

This was the inspiration behind my design but as it took shape, my vision morphed into something more, that of inclusion, encompassing, not just the old, but the new. For the lucky ones who still call it home. For them and their children too, young and old; old and new.

The vision that encompasses my design unites the past with the present, the old with the new, young and old and with young at heart. Its for mother/daughter, father/son, grandma/grandpa/grandkids, individuals who are proud of their roots, and want the world to know it! Its like a tattoo that gives communicates without speaking, conveys connectivity and belongingness, no matter where we are.

I’m extremely proud (in a good way), and very excited about my latest creation and loving the creative process. After a lifetime trapped in an Academic Corporate bodysuit, my little ‘creative genius’ finally gets to spread her wings.

But what is super exciting for me is that I get to combine it with my other passion, HISTORY! And the move to Norway from the Northern Beaches 17 years ago fine tuned it to local history. The more homesick I became, the deeper I dug in the soil and found my roots. They were there all along.

As this is a work in progress, I’ll be adding new designs every day. You can check out my latest creations at

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