Manly Wharf Harbour Pool and Promenade 1950s

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It's easy to feel blessed growing up on the Northern Beaches. And moving away for many born N bredders, leaves an aching longing to return; whether that is to return to it now or return to simpler, youthful times, when life on the Northern Beaches was casual and carefree. One thing's for sure:


Born from my own longing, Lost Manly was established in 2013, far, far from 'home' (like Peter Allen, no matter how far I roam, I still call Northern Beaches home) as a sort of 'filing cabinet' for my family history research, to share online with family far and wide, and invite others to look into their own family history and share theirs also.  Eight years later, at the close of 2021, the group has grown to 26,000 members.

In October 2020 I created the first Lost Manly calendar 2021 featuring the plight to save the Freshwater Ferries. They were sold out, and Candy Bingham, who ordered a bundle, distributed some in her Save our Freshwater Ferries endeavours, which also has been successful, but the fight's not over yet. Long may they reign. I might do a repeat, with different images this year for 2022, so keep watching. I've so many to choose from, with stella efforts from the Ferry crew taking stunning photos from sun rise to sunset and late in the evening...Just you wait!!!

Then there's the Baragoola Preservation and the quest to Bring back the South Steyne. The Government should see the value in preserving our heritage and building on the history and character of our beautiful harbour.  

Right now, we're taking pre-orders for two calendars that have gone to the printers and will be ready early October so order now to avoid disappointment as there will be limited stock again. They will be sent out from Dee Why in secure, tracked packs, and pick up and delivery will also be available for Northern Beaches residents (contactless of course, by mobile phone contact to arrange a time).

These two calendars will each feature 14 photos: the first will be VINTAGE MANLY PICS, titled "SEVEN MILES FROM SYDNEY A THOUSAND MILES FROM CARE'.

 The other will be 'MY MANLY' 14 stunning portraits of Manly in the morning and evening by talented artist Sue Halford, daughter of creative genius music producer Joe Halford who passed away in September 2021 after a lengthy illness.

Joe Halford penned songs for the likes of Little Patty that made her famous in the 60s and many others. And just as in life, his death inspired her photographs, as well as the warm reception Sue received from her daily Lost Manly posts during this year (2021) while she lived down in Manly before returning to Nashville. Out out of Sue's pain, came these amazing images of our beautify Manly in all her glory.  Sue dedicates this calendar to her parents. 

The cover pic we've chosen, the dawn sunrise on Anzac Day 2021, captures a beautiful moment shared with other who were up with rising of the sun, as 'in the morning we will remember them'.  They truly are a stunning collection captured with an artist's eye, that you'll want to turn into framed posters on your wall when the year is over. Sue's photographs sell for hundreds of dollars on other online sites so this is truly a bargain!

Sue wrote this word of thanks to our Lost Manly members on her departure back to Nashville, where she too is following in her father's footsteps pursuing a career is writing songs:

"Thank you for being a place of healing and introspection during a season of profound loss. I’ve loved sharing my photos with each and every one of you in the group—your feedback has given me heart and hope. Thank you Lisa Sutton. Until the next time. God bless, Manly. God bless, Sydney ❤️🤗".

You can read more about Sue's tribute to her dad that was published and posted in Lost Manly (will post a link here).

Pre-order your copies now to avoid disappointment. Calendars will be ready for posting by early October 2021.

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