Manly Beach North Steyne Subdivision on Christmas Eve 1910 - Lost Manly Shop

Manly Beach North Steyne Subdivision on Christmas Eve 1910

Manly Beach land division in 1910

The Manly Beach land division took place in 1910, when a large parcel of land in Manly was subdivided into smaller blocks and sold to developers and individual buyers. The land division was driven by the growing popularity of Manly as a beach resort destination, and the increasing demand for property in the area.

 The Manly Beach land division resulted in the creation of a number of new streets, including Pacific Parade, Ocean Beach Road, and Manly Parade, which opened up access to previously undeveloped areas of the beach. The subdivision also led to the construction of a number of new homes, shops, and other buildings in the area.

The development of Manly Beach as a popular tourist destination continued throughout the 20th century, with the construction of a number of new hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. Today, Manly Beach remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, and is renowned for its beautiful scenery, great surf, and vibrant culture.

You can own your own slice of history with this vintage subdivision reproduction poster.  Our poster prints are produced from the original artwork image, which can be more than 100 years old, so naturally they will contain 'age spots' and 'flaws' from the ravages of time, which add to their charm and serve as statement pieces, adding a touch of vintage nostalgia to your living space.  Most are happy to leave their authentic flaws as is. However, we also give them a little 'make-up' improvement using graphics programs, but seek to keep them at their original and best.  

When asked if they want the flaws out, most will say no, so they are presented 'as it', unless the flaws detract from the overall effect, then they'll get a little 'touch up'.  

Now, where else can you get such unique Northern Beaches Vintage Prints like these?  Having searched high and low to find these golden girls, you'll love having this poster take pride of place in your living space, knowing its a unique and rare piece of our history.  And what’s a golden girl to wear? Nothing but silk. These beauties are printed on 170gsm Silk semi gloss paper, for added longevity and perfect for framing in or out of glass. This one is currently available in A3 size.

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Does anyone have any photos of my Fathers Chemist shop at 130 Ocean Beach. North Steyne (opposite Queenscliff Beach) from about mid 1950’s ????

john greentree

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