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Five Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Someone Special in your Life

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea from the Northern Beaches, check out these 5 thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to be a hit!

 There’s nothing quite like a gift from someone who knows us better than anyone else. When someone provides you with a gift they’ve thought over, it outranks thinking at all about a gift’s value, as warm feeling and love, on a special day, remain absolutely priceless.

 If you wish to provide a beautiful gift to someone you care about, then selecting from a range of fantastic Lost Manly Shop items can connect them to the cultural heritage of the Northern Beaches of Sydney. This popular tourist destination has a storied history and delights thousands of people annually, also serving as a picturesque slice of Australia worth appreciating.

Printed Mugs

A personalised printed mug can take you back to the places you love while enjoying your morning tea or coffee, serving as a fantastic piece of memorabilia worth taking care of. Our beautiful Ceramic printed mug collection offers a range of inspired print motifs showcasing the diverse cultural and historical heritage of the Northern Beaches, while adding a splash of nostalgia to your morning brew. What better way to start your day? 

Vintage Posters and Calendars

Our exciting collection of Calendars and Vintage Posters are made to order, offering you the opportunity to give a personalised gift to your friends and family. All our images have been carefully sourced far and wide to bring you vintage relics from our past. Some of the images are quite old and rare and have needed graphic enhancement to be print perfect; each one a labour of love from the designer.  Our calendar photos have been thoughtfully selected from the most popular and loved images among our members and friends, guaranteed to make the perfect gift, being both practical and beautiful.  Isn’t it better to give a thoughtful gift then a last minute ‘buy anything’ one?  Every product we create at the Lost Manly Shop is a labour of love, born out of our great love and passion for the Northern Beaches, its history and its heritage. Each original product offers a personalised gift idea for friends and family, or for self, not to mention, a fantastic way to adorn any living space.  

100% Cotton T-Shirts with Personalised Logo Designs

Our large range of Cotton T-Shirts are customised by applying unique and original logo designs created right here at the Lost Manly Shop (graphics department) personalised to each customer’s requirements. Our garments come in a range of colours and sizes, including the core colours of black, white, navy and grey, to more vibrant summer colours of rich red, purple and teal green, in sizes ranging from extra small to 5XL (depending on the brand). These 100% combed cotton T-shirts are designed to last and retain colour over several machine washes. If heading on your holidays, they can provide the perfect suitcase stuffer.

Summer and Winter We’ve got you Covered

We offer a range of garments to suit all seasons, from the classic cotton tank top or  Muscle T-Shirt as some like to call it, to show of those hard earned biceps, to the Long-Sleeved T-Shirts or Fleece Hoodies keeping you warm all winter long.  These garments not only look fantastic but are made from quality cotton, ensuring they’re comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for summer and wintertime. Our garments are perfect for men, women and children, so you don’t have to worry if shopping for more than one person.

Cushion Covers 

Is there anything quite as comforting in a home as cushions and blankets? With our colourful cushion covers, beautifully textured with a range of personalised printed designs from local artists making local art, to a splash of good old-fashioned vintage appeal, you’ll find they will spruce up any home, from your grandmother’s homely sitting area to your son’s bachelor pad in need of some colour and light, giving it a personalised touch of colour and class, with a hint of nostalgia taboot.


Add a splash of colour and Northern Beaches culture to any home with these stunning home decorating gift ideas, that celebrate the unique and unrivalled cultural history and heritage,  of our Lost Manly and the Northern Beaches bringing the natural beauty, cultural identity and unique history to your home, or the home of your loved ones and friends.  

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