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Seven Miles from Sydney Vintage Calendar 2022 free postage

Seven Miles from Sydney Vintage Calendar 2022 free postage

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2022 will be our second year printing Lost Manly keepsake calendars. 

I am thrilled to bring you two calendars this for 2022 each filled with 14 photos from our Lost Manly archives. Our Vintage calendar titled 'Seven Miles from Sydney' brings our iconic historic playground to life, while our second calendar titled 'My Manly' showcases talented Lost Manly member Sue Halford's stunning Manly sunrise and sunsets, which have a deeply personal story behind them, which she has briefly shared in the group in 2021. The cover pic captures Anzac Day sunrise over Manly while double rainbows over Shelly will delight you in December.  

Saving our history and heritage is what Lost Manly and the Northern Beaches is all about and the photos I've chosen for our first vintage calendar highlight the many iconic places, faces and spaces that Manly was known for. The images have been carefully selected as ones that are iconic and nostalgic, evoking memories and feelings from back in the day. The warmth of nostalgia evokes gratitude for having shared such a wonderful place to be born and raised and shows everyone else what Manly and the Northern Beaches used to be like before it was lost.

These calendars are truly a wonderful keepsake of iconic images of our unique and cherished history, you will be able to give as gifts or keep for yourself to hang on your wall. My mum Marie and I sent calendars to each other every Christmas for the past 20 years, from my travels and living in Norway, and she sent me Northern Beaches calendars from Humphrey's and with her recent passing in July 2021, it's left a void, which I hope I can through sharing my calendars with you. 


We anticipate the calendars to arrive at the Lost Manly Shop in Dee Why in November. All calendars will be shipped from Dee Why in a waterproof tracking satchel that holds up to four calendars at a cost of $10. We will will give you a free calendar for orders of two or more.


Sunday is the first day of the week in the calendars (yes its a thing, somebody once asked).

Customer Reviews

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Yvonne Freudenstein

Love the 2022 calendar, brings back lots of great memories.

Janice King

2022 CALENDARS VINTAGE ‘Seven Miles from Sydney’ Vintage Calendar 2022

Tim Horstead
Memories Encapsulated

Thank you. The Calendar ( well deserves a capital letter) was eagerly anticipated and richly rewarded that anticipation. And it tells the date, too!

Penelope Chambers
Great calendar, but I miss the ferries!!

This is a lovely vintage calendar, but I regret not getting the ferry calendar instead, I must have been asleep at the wheel!!

john swinkels
If you grew up on the Nth. Shore

These calendars have great memories of times gone by.